EA Internacional


Empresarios Agrupados Internacional S.A. (EAI) is an engineering company based in Madrid (Spain). EAI is one of the biggest engineering companies in the world in the energy sector. Since 1971, EAI has been involved in the design of 65 Combined Cycle, 8 Nuclear and 27 Coal and Oil-Fired Power plants in the world, with a total installed power of over 47000 megawatts.

EAI is a leading engineering organisation with significant international experience, providing a complete range of consulting, project management, engineering and design, procurement, construction management, plant testing, safety assessment, quality assurance, as well as plant operation and maintenance support services to the electric utility industry.

The engineering experience gained in these complex projects has allowed EAI to develop extensive know how in the simulation area. This has been implemented in our current simulation products for the realms of energy, space and aeronautics. Our toolkits are the result of years of experience in the design of real, highly-complex systems, and have been designed with the needs of the end user working on a typical project in any of these areas in mind.

PROOSIS(PROPULSION OBJECT-ORIENTED SIMULATION SOFTWARE)是燃气轮机性能分析工具,它继承了EcosimPro全部的功能,并根据航空发动机仿真的需求新增了一些功能,如性能图处理、多点设计工具